K9 deployment, training and sales

Get a nose for superior vigilance
Dogs have senses unmatched by any technology in existence today, and they are integral to our work, taking part in most of our mine action projects. For this, we always have and always will be using dogs that we have trained ourselves. And for good reason – Maavarim’s K9 division was among the first in the world to develop explosives detection dogs for the civilian market. Our experts have been there from the very beginning and trained hundreds of dogs and handlers for private corporations as well as for police and military forces worldwide. They don’t only know all the ins and outs of K9 training; they also know how to pick what individual dogs will be suitable and what individual handlers these dogs will work best with (an intuitive skill that takes form only after many years of experience).

Maavarim offer a wide range of K9 products:

  • Deployment of K9 units for contract work, including explosives detection dogs, drug detection dogs, mine detection dogs, police dogs, guard dogs and search-and-rescue dogs.
  • Sales of dogs trained to client-specific mission profiles
  • Training of dog handlers, including matching with suitable dogs
  • Development of new K9 units, including all training for dogs and handlers as well as instructions for operational routines and construction of kennels and training facilities
  • Improvement of established K9 units All deployment services and courses are comprehensive, and all our handlers are police-certified, fluent in English and have the veterinary training to ensure that their dogs remain healthy, happy and efficient.
  • Explosives Detection Dogs (EDD) – dogs for identification of military and improvised explosives. This ability is very useful for border crossings, seaports, goods crossing points, airports, stadiums and so on.
  • Detection of Mines and UXOs (MDD) – dogs that are skilled in explosives detection and that have also been trained to find landmines and war debris. This ability ensures safer work in manual clearing operations and quality assurance after clearing work.
  • Drugs and narcotics Detection Dogs (DDD) – dogs learn how to sniff out and identify drugs that are concealed in luggage or carried on persons, even if decoy odors have been used. Dogs may search outdoor and indoor places and all types of vehicles.
  • Missing person search and rescue missions – dogs have been trained to locate people who have been trapped due to natural disasters, hostages who are being held against their will, missing persons, etc.
  • Protection of sensitive facilities – dogs may be used for protecting sensitive facilities, prisons, businesses and homes. The security work involves a patrol at the site, walking the dog on a leash or unleashing the dog to identify undesired parties.
  • Protection Dogs –Protection Dog (also known as police dogs, patrol dogs) are commonly used to escort routine police patrols, riot control operations, participation at police raids etc.  Such dogs are trained to protect the dog handler and can have additional training enabling the dog handler to unleash the dog in order to attack a target imposing an immediate threat to police forces. 

Maavarim offers its customers trained dog services as part of a comprehensive set of civil defense services or as a unique, separate and customized service.

Establishment of K9 Units

As part of the protection services that the company offers its customers around the world, the company establishes dog handling (canine) units and trains them for various mission profiles. Its courses are comprehensive and hundreds of dogs and handlers have been trained.
Accompaniment of the unit formation process continues until the end of the actual training and the use of the knowledge in the operational routine of the units, and includes the planning and construction of kennels and suitable training facilities.